Bingo Dates


EPMH volunteer requirements include one bingo per a player (to a maximum of 2) per a season. Bingos run ALL year, not only during hockey season. If a member has not signed up for a bingo(s), the bingo Coordinator will randomly assign them to open dates. Following are the current bingo dates. The remainder will be announced in the spring. If you cannot make your bingo date, it is your responsibility to trade or find someone to replace you. Failure to attend your bingo will result in your volunteer cheque being cashed. 


September 23, 2016 (Friday 5pm)

1. Jace Stafford (2015/16 season carry over)

2. Chloe Bendixen (2015/16 season carry over)

3. CeeJay Quinney (2015/16 season carry over)

4. David/Timmy Cardinal (Margaret)

5. Joey/Danny Cardinal (Margaret)

6. Riley Bourne (Tonia)

7. Ella Ballas (Andie)

8. Nolan Ballas (Tyson)

9. Brendan Haesch (Jessica)

10. Wyatt/Kade (Tanya)


November 1, 2016 (Tuesday 5pm)

1. Dallas Bristow (Mona)

2. Alex Hunter (Natalie)

3. Halle Stybel (Sue)

4. Brody Odgaard (Lana)

5. Cyle Graus (Rodney)

6. Everett Lindsay (Audrey)

7.Kaysen DeMoissac (Felina)

8. Josef Theriault (Melanie)

9. Odin Smith (Tiffany)

10. Dennell Anderson


January 6, 2017 (Friday 5pm)

1. Cathy Ockerman

2. Doris Hurtubise

3. Jodi Smith

4. Jon Kadutski

5. Jon Kadutski 

6. Lindsay Malachowski

7. Jason Malachowski 

8. Stacey Fontaine 

9. Tina Henderson

10. Tara Cameron 


March 26, 2017 (Sunday 11am)

1. Chris Melnyk

2. Gunner Crawford (Jen)

3.Sydney Crawford (Justin)

4. Yaroslav Kuba

5. Shannon Krider

6. St. Arnault (Lennox)

7. Cora-Lea Pavoll

8.  Melinda Henderson

9. Cameron Baird (Amanda)

10. Connor Poitras (Bernie)


Thank you to Melissa Rogal for volunteering as Bingo Coordinator! 



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